Collectionner, cultiver et explorer au début de l’époque moderne

Collectionner, cultiver et explorer au début de l’époque moderne

Journée d’études internationale


Informations pratiques:

Lieu: Paris, EPHE Sorbonne, salle J. Delamarre D059

Date: 11 Juin 2024

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10.00: Accueil et introduction

  • Maddalena Bellavitis (EPHE) et Catherine Powell-Warren (Ghent University/FWO)
  • Marie Bigotte, Durham University

Politics and Diplomacy in Early Modern Princely Garden Collections of Naturalia

  • Madeline White, University of Oxford

‘Indian Maiz…in my Garden at Mitcham’: Global Networks, Local Gardens, and Oxford’s du Bois Herbarium

  • Baijayanti Chatterjee, University of Calcutta

The Foundation and Growth of the Calcutta Botanical Garden: Plant Collecting and Botanical Science under the East India Company 1786-1815

  • Anil Paralkar, Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, Ruprech-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, WittenLab, Witten/Herdecke University

The Datura in Gottorf: Botanizing, Ethnographing, and Imagining India in 17th c. Germany

15.00: Session de l’après-midi

  • Seán Thomas Kane, Binghamton University

Cosmographic Singularities: André Thevet as a Collector of American Exotica (1556-1590)

  • India Cole, Queen Mary University of London

The Duchess of Beaufort’s Pioneering Collections

  • Silvia Papini, Università di Firenze – Pisa – Siena

Exploring Nature in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany: Mercantile Perspectives in the Late 17th and Early 18th Centuries

  • Celia Rodriguez Tejuca, Johns Hopkins University

Stabilizing Materials Across Time and Space: A Natural History Cabinet in Eighteenth-Century Havana


17.15: Discussion et conclusions

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